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In November of 2016 I was scrolling through the New Life For Paws posts on Facebook and happened to come across this blue-eyed beauty! We had just lost one of our labs and I knew I needed to get Miss Lily(our other lab) a new sibling quick as she was quite depressed. I said to my husband that our next fur baby would definitely be a rescue from Aruba and there he was in all his cuteness staring at me on Facebook!

Before I knew it we were headed to pick this little guy up! He was going to be all ours! Here we are picking him up.
Before I go on, here are a few pictures of Jake and his adventure before coming to the United States.

Picture on the left is when New Life For Paws rescued Jake and his siblings. The picture on the right of him and the little boy was at his foster home in Aruba.
He was in a wedding in Aruba! The bride was holding Jake.

These lovely ladies transported Jake and his siblings back to the US.

Arriving in Logan airport and being picked up by a caring foster mommy!

Jake's first nite sleeping in the US awaiting his forever mommy! The rest is history! Please continue reading of Jake's adventure below....

Jake was about 12weeks old when we picked him up. He was a bit shy and nervous. Everything was new to him. Here is the weekend he came home to his forever home! Look how little he was! His big sister Lily took this little guy right under her wings and started teaching him all sorts of doggie stuff.

Monday he went to the vet to be checked out. I requested a full chemical blood profile done on him just to make sure there were no issues and the fact that I am a neurotic mommy! He also got his next round of shots. All went well! I noticed when he saw other dogs he barked and growled. This was definitely a behaviour we would need to work on correcting.

Jake had his own area and we initially were cautious with the interaction between him and Lily. Soon to realize we had nothing to worry about and these two had formed an instant bond. See Jake's area below;(picture taken from the web cam I setup)

Important Tip#1 - Make sure your puppy has it's own space. We had a crate and small penned in area. Puppies are like babies. They will get into anything and everything and will damage your stuff and risk harm to their own selves by eating something they should not!

Important Tip#2 -Be mindful of the toys you give them thinking about what is inside them should they chew them to shreds! Is there anything they could swallow or choke on?

Potty Training - I know...ugh! Some will learn quicker than others. The key to this is consistency!
Take them out when you first get up. Take them out 15mins or so after they eat. Feed them the same time every day. When you take them out, this is not play time and it is potty time. No playing until business is done! When they do go (whether #1 or #2), make a big deal out of the event and praise and reward them with a little treat! I am not a fan of the piddle pads. Here is why....Jake initially was used to those as that is what the initial foster mommy used. However, when he came into our house, he saw the small scatter rugs in the bathroom and to him these were piddle pads! I ended the use of these immediately! (I had probably only used a few days before I realized this problem). 

Important Tip#3 - Consistency, consistency, consistency! I can't stress this enough when it comes to potty training. 

General Training - Start immediately! Your little fur baby is a sponge and it's little brain is yearning to learn. Start with the basics right from the time you get them home. 

"SIT" - Pretty easy one to learn. Always make them sit before they eat, before putting their collar/leash on to go out, etc..

"Wait" - I use this one after I make them sit for their meal, but have not told them it is "OK" to go start eating their food. So, I say "SIT" then I say "WAIT" and then after about 5-10 secs I say "OK" and they go to their bowl to eat. 

"Walking On The Leash" - Some will tend to want to bite the leash. Tell them "No" - "Leave It".

Seek Out Professional Training! A happy dog is a trained dog! Needless to say, you will be happy too!

Important Tip#4 - Training is important! Seek out professionally trained people to guide you in training your puppy.

Jake has been through 2 different classes and continues to go every Monday from 9-2pm at the Happy Retriever in Holliston, MA. They have been amazing with Jake. When we started the Puppy 101 class Jake was a scared little guy and was snapping at the other puppies when ever they came near him. The trainers at the Happy Retriever worked him through this during these Monday sessions that Jake went to at their Puppy Education Center. I think by around Class #3 of Puppy 101 we noticed Jake started to interact with the other puppies and had turned the corner and next thing you know he was off leash playing with the other puppies! Jake had done extremely well and loves his trainer he sees on Mondays. Emily has started further building Jake's confidence by teaching him the various agility activities they have in the yard. Below are some pictures of Jake in his training sessions at the TheHappyRetriever in Holliston,MA.

Another important thing you need to do is to socialize your puppy! Bring them places, get them used to sounds, people, importantly children and other dogs. Please note: while your puppy is very young and has not yet had all of his shots, you need to be careful where you bring him and what other dogs he interacts with. Their immune systems are still developing and they still are vulnerable to a number of diseases. Just be cautious!

Important Tip#5 Socialize! Socialize! I would bring Jake to the local supermarket and walk him around that strip mall. I would work sit/stay with him right outside the doors of the market. I have done this with all my dogs and it really does help.

Adoption Considerations - When you adopt a dog or a puppy you need to be prepared to work with what ever situations arise. You don't always know what you are getting. Here are some considerations;
1). Think carefully about your schedule and lifestyle. Will your schedule and daily routine allow you to give your new pet the optimum care and attention it needs? If you work, who will attend to puppy's needs during the day?

2). Will you financially be able to provide medical care for your pet if an emergency happens? If not, consider starting a savings account to cover unforeseen expenses, or purchasing pet insurance. (I have Trupanion. Vet recommended and you can vary your payment by the deductible you choose).

3).Welcoming a new pet into your home can sometimes be challenging if you already have one or more pets. Introductions between existing and new pets should be made gradually, with supervision, and with LOTS of praise and positive reinforcement.

Important Tip#6 Carefully evaluate your situation and ability to care to the needs of your adopted puppy. Consider purchasing pet insurance.
Final thoughts..........

1). I always have treats and poop bags in the pockets of almost every jacket I put on!(LOL)! You must be always ready to "Reward" and/or "Scoop The Poop"!

2). Have fun with your puppy! Shower them with lots of praise and love. Be firm when they require discipline. need to be the Alpha of the pack. This is how your pup looks at you!

3). Be patient! Everything takes time. Here is an example I had with Jake; Jake was so lovable as a little puppy. As he started to get into that "teen stage" and the testosterone was becoming active, he was less wanting to be lovable. He had even lifted his leg in the house a few times! Yes...ugh! He was now around 6months old. Even though the vets may tell you "Oh wait until they are a year and they are still growing and studies have shown blah....blah....yes I get it! However, I knew what needed to be done and that it was time for the boy to get neutered! Let me tell you...we are now 2+ months post neutering and Jake is now the most lovable, huggable, squeezable guy! (oh and no leg lifting in the house!).

4). Think of your puppy as raising a child. There are so many similarities. Be cautious of their environment always thinking to yourself, what could they get into? If they happen to jump out of their pen, what would they get into? (My house is the "gate house"! We have gates everywhere!)
Consider setting up a web cam so you can check in on them while you are away. I did and love it.
However, every time I check it they always seem to be sleeping! (LOL!)

Here are a few final photos of my baby Jake and his sister Lily.........

Thanks for reading my blog!

I leave you with a cute little video of some rescued paws from Aruba..............Please click link below;

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